Of many sports, not only can be a favorite physical activity, but also a quick return to playfulness. Every movement is good for the body, without discussion, but why take it so damn seriously? Researchers have shown that exercise has much better results if it’s fun for us.

But we have begun to see a great deal in the exercise. Many of us have made the healthy lifestyle of such a scarecrow waiting for each corner, better to say in every window that reflects their unhealthy appearance. Trainer kits, heart rate cycles, and heart rate monitors are great tools for a better figure, but if you’re not happy with the exercise, the brain will never offer you as many benefits as exercising. We have some ideas for you to make your exercise more enjoyable.

Choose fun toys

Convergent exercise equipment, such as weight-training devices, have a single function. Divergent devices such as medicinbals, kettlebells and dumbbells offer many options. Whenever possible, use them for something fun. Make use of your imagination and invent your own games that go with the tools to do.

Collapse it

If you have a board game that has stopped you having fun, try to take it in your car. You will be looking at how to change the environment. If athletes have been doing one sport since their early childhood, they were eventually linked to many injuries, burnout syndrome and sometimes resistance to sport as such in later life. To keep your favorite sport happy or to keep the same weekly exercise, try to rotate it. At each season, find one sport that you enjoy. Make sure you are more successful in sport than just one discipline.

Fewer, more stupid

Unlike children, adults often have problems with the end of the game. Before you set the number of exercises or time, you better set the limits and examine. Are you trying to work on the bottom of your body? Come on as many ways as you can to jump forward, back, sideways, jump … And do 5 repetitions in one minute. Do you need to strengthen the upper body? Do the same with the cranks. Cardio? Be creative. Find the stairs and walk up and down until you get out.

Go out

After a while, the gym can be quite fiddly. Literally. So go out, especially if you have a lighter platform with a solid surface, any free space with opportunities for games and divergent performances. Changing terrain, light and park environments, wooded paths and beaches can be beneficial, plus you can meet other natural game partners to keep you on the alert. Which is better than a gym, where you have your slice, your mirror, your peace of mind. The change is good. Change means life!

Join a group

Working with a group or a partner (you do not have to be the one you have at home) increases the level of complexity and playability. And in any way. Rather than go for a walk in the pals for the dumbbells on the other side of the room, try to take the partner on your back and get there with him. Rather than pulling weights in front of you or yourself, try to push a partner who will make a resistance. In short, whenever it is possible, get involved in the gym all at the gym!

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