Protein is the building block of your success for a muscular figure. Their enough amount should be accepted by everyone who is active in their lives and doing the best. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously complement them. It may not always be meat or accessories. Even plants contain large amounts of protein.


Under this name are hidden algae that we find in freshwater lakes all over the world. It is a freshwater plankton, which is made up of 65-71% pure protein. This number is enormous, making it the richest source of protein in the world. In addition, it contains many amino acids and minerals. In addition, it can be consumed in any amount.

Chia seeds

Hit last few years. Those who do not like qi as if they were not. It’s not only a great source of energy but also a good source of protein. Thanks to the high nutritional value, chi-sowing was given to runners. Their properties are above all the ability to absorb large amounts of water and thus increase up to twelve times. The protein content is approximately 15%.


Quinoa is a cereal that belongs to highly proteinaceous plants. It could be said that they belong to the generally available and best sources of protein. Contains more than 15% of proteins. It is also a great cereal for those who do not eat gluten. In addition, large amounts of iron, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins B and E are available.


Soybean product tempeh occurs by fermentation. Athletes are sought after for their high proportion of proteins that are contained in a slightly digestible form. In addition, tempeh is rich in fiber and vitamins. Fresh tempeh contains up to 20% of protein and also a large amount of vitamin B12. It is considered to be a full substitute for meat thanks to enzymes that are capable of cleaving both proteins and oils.

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