Breakfast is one of the most important dishes of the day and therefore we should not omit it. It is not good to eat it and we should enjoy it, for example, thanks to these recipes.

Protein pancakes in powder

We personally like this thing very much. It is basically a pre-prepared mixture of very tasty and nutritious pancakes or pancakes as you want, which you just need to mix with water and put on a pan where you will be ready for a few moments. Thanks to this delicacy, you will have a great protein start to the new day.

Of course, you do not just have to stay with pancakes, but you can make something with it. For example, low-fat yoghurt, a little nuts, coconut, a tiny piece of marmalade, it’s up to you. A delicious, tasty breakfast was never easier.


A popular thing that is a complete hit. Basically it’s a mixed fruit that you can add with the nuts and other delicacies you like. The great advantage of this goodness is above all the speed at which it is ready. Just have enough power mixer. The resulting taste is absolutely great. In addition, you can mix different types of fruit, combine and explore what taste is most enjoyable to you.

Banana and eggs

Strange combination, but great taste. The preparation process is very simple basically just bash the banana add egg to it and mix it all together. Then just put on a pan and make a tasty dish. Here you can also add yoghurt or cottage cheese, fantasies are not limited.

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