If you own a cat, you know the pleasant feeling when you get back from work after a hard day and your sweetheart will start to grow up. Gentle spinning, warm furry and sweet looks always cheer up after a challenging day and bring peace to the soul. If really cats treat people how they do it? Are these small predators a benefit for the physical and mental well-being of the owner?

Cat’s ability to reverse the disease was observed by ancient Egyptians. However, there has long been no evidence for this theory, as civilization did not have sufficient knowledge to research. The first in-depth analysis of feline influence on human health was carried out in the 1970s. Scientists wanted to find out if cats really can cure. Two groups of subjects (after 30 people) received the same medicine. People from the first group communicated daily with cats throughout the course of treatment. One month later, all patients underwent a complete examination: The test results improved in both groups, but the condition of the first patient was more than satisfactory. Does that mean that cats can cure? Obviously yes – Californian scientists have repeated attempts in Britain, Germany and Japan, and each time these little bearded doctors celebrate their successes. The same research was also done with dogs, rabbits, and other pets. However, it has turned out that no other pet can affect the health of a patient, such as a cat, so effectively.

Reasons for a strong curative effect of feline therapy

The inquisitive human mind can not be satisfied with only partial knowledge: the more we learn, the more questions arise. After scientists have discovered that cats can cure people, they have become interested in the process itself. Why is this happening? Unfortunately, we still have no clear answer to this question. But there are several different theories that scientists are dealing with.

Emotional balance is a very important factor for early recovery. Fear of death, helplessness, fear of the future … All this can lead to severe depression, nervous disorders and chronic stress. A peaceful cat and her sleepy peace are a great example of a philosophical approach to life. All you have to do is look at this beautiful animal and you can understand how it can heal. Particularly noticeable is the positive effect in patients suffering from mental disorders. Sometimes these people try to calm their nervous system by walking around the room, moving their arms or bathing. Craving the cat and talking to her without the need to conceal anything is certainly a wonderful remedy for sweaty nerves.

Catching the cat is in turn used as a sound therapy. In many countries, the process of how this sound contributes to treatment has been studied. The mechanism of this phenomenon is still unclear, but it is certain that it has a beneficial effect. For example, spinning accelerates bone tissue regeneration in fractures, removes pain in arthritis, or positively affects the condition of the joints.

Interaction of electromagnetic fields is a very interesting process. As we know, every living organism is surrounded by this field. After its values ​​have been measured in humans, scientists have come to the conclusion that there are factors that change the frequency of oscillation. For example, in oncologically ill patients, the strength of this field is weaker.

No mystification, just pure physics. Why do cats heal people? The fact is, these amazing animals are working on absorbing negative energy. It is known, for example, that electrical appliances emit energy that has an adverse effect on human health. For cats, however, this radiation is not dangerous at all. There are even the beliefs that cats like it – that’s why your mic is as often sleeping on your washing machine, near your TV or on your laptop’s keyboard. In theory, a cat senses abnormal disease fluctuations and absorbs harmful energy by spending time with the patient, bringing the condition back to normal again. It is, of course, unlikely that cats will be able to cure the disease itself, but they can actually remove the symptoms.

Can they cure all the cats?

And what cats are the best healers? In general, the cat is perfectly healthy and calm. Felinotherapy also has a more pronounced effect in adults than in kittens. It is not true that the color and the type of fur have meaning in this matter, and the view that castrated cats can not heal is also just a myth.

The course of treatment

The principle of felinotherapy is the systematic positive action of the cat on the selected group / individual, in order to develop harmony, especially in the mental area. Four different methods are currently recognized. The first is based on direct contact with a cat and aims to develop human social skills. Includes animal petting, playing and caring. The second method is aimed at improving the physical or mental state of a person. In practice, again, it means direct contact with the cat – healing, games, etc … Another method is aimed at children and aims to improve education and training. It takes the form of lectures, discussions or interest rings. The latter method focuses on inducing the psychic calm of people who find themselves in a crisis environment. This applies, for example, to people experiencing natural disasters, terrorist acts or crimes.

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