gain. Instead of “super-surprising” chemical drugs from drugstore, which often, despite the unfriendly prices, do not properly fulfill its purpose, try to look at a much healthier and cheaper variant – natural healing.

We have gathered the most testimonial tips on how to get rid of these imperfections naturally.

1. Sweating
Regular visitors to the sauna are sure to know how beneficial the effects of saunas have on their skin. Those of you who can not or can not afford a regular sauna visit have a second option. Burn the cleaned skin with a steam of hot water or mineral water to which you can also add herbs. Heat can help to open your pores, which can then be cleansed with facial peeling, or you can try to squeeze them gently. After sweating, never forget to moisturize your face with a quality cream.

2. Honey peeling
In the water bath, dissolve the teaspoon of honey to make it warm, add 2 teaspoons of ground coffee and stir. Apply the jelly to the cleansed skin and let it work for a minute. Then massage with circular movements – do not be afraid to push on problematic areas. Finally rinse with lukewarm water and hydrate.

3. Salt and baking powder
Mix the spoonful of spoon powder with a spoonful of water, add a little water and apply to the face. Leave it for about a minute and get it off.

4. Lemon juice
In the evening before bed, soak the cotton swab into juice of fresh lemons and apply to the affected areas. In the morning, rinse your face with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer. Repeat every 2-3 days and store the remaining juice in the refrigerator for a maximum of one week.

If you want to prevent black spots as much as possible, do not forget to clean the skin not only every night but also in the morning when it is covered with a smear blown overnight. Buy quality cosmetics that do not clog the pores and take care of everyday high-quality make-up.

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