You surely know the saying “less is more”. Well, that’s exactly what this saying goes out to fit in building muscle. Constantly deploying heavier discs and frequent training will only give you a one-way ticket for overtraining and injury. We have a smarter way to add 3 cm of muscle volume. With these simple, but very effective tricks, you will not spend more time in the gym, but you will make more effort but it will pay off. Here we go.

Reverse pyramids

Most pyramids begin at the lightest and highest number of repetitions, and they slowly move to a higher weight and a smaller number of repetitions. Thus, the first set with fifteen repetitions, the second set with twenty reps, etc. The reverse pyramid begins at the heaviest weight with the least number of repetitions and ends at the lightest weight with the highest number of repetitions. More congestion means greater growth.

Forced repetition

In order to achieve a greater number of repetitions than you are physically capable, ask your colleague to help you with the next number, until the failure. Your muscles will gradually adapt and become stronger. Do not limit yourself to just two extra repetitions. This method is easier when you practice with a friend. If required, ask passers-by.

Drop kits

This workout style works great on machines that allow you to quickly lower your load. After the failure at the last set of exercises, immediately reduce the weight by 20-30% and continue until it fails again. Then lower the weight again. Repeat this twice and you have it.

Relaxation does wonders

You will train to fail, but without the use of a lightening or a friend. Jamile will not be able to repeat, rest ten to twenty seconds, and then throw it again. Continue until the failure occurs. Complete the training with the highest number of repetitions.

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