Since today science offers solutions for every illness, did you know that very similar maladies were previously treated naturally a hundred years ago? Why do we give ourselves chemicals when we can tease herbs that grow on the hills instead?

Irritable bowel syndrome

It is a disease that affects the intestinal tract. It causes uncontrolled diarrhea or constipation. It is accompanied by convulsions, stomach pains and flatulence. Mint is one of the most effective natural resources. Fresh mint can be put in a cup of tea, fresh vegetable and fruit salads and soups.

Mint Pepper improves digestion, relieves gas and releases intestinal muscles. Mint is a part of toothpaste and candies, cares for gums and is valued for its antioxidant content – prevents the spread of cancer. It can be used to prevent and even to treat allergic symptoms. It also calms the irritated stomach. It is contraindicated in the case of gastroesophageal reflux – it brings gastric acid back into the esophagus.


Serious lung disease, leading in some cases to death. Mint pepper relieves inflammation in the lungs. Combine fresh mint, honey and vinegar. Make juice from these raw materials.


Mama helps heal acne, heal pimples, and masks ugly scars. Apply a few mint leaves on your face and no stain will appear on it. Mint and oats are an excellent exfoliating mask.


Mint improves memory and, according to scientists, is an energy impulse to alertness. If you want to have a better cognitive function, chew it fresh or use it to make tea.


Mint is an ideal helper to relieve nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy.


Peppermint relieves headaches, migraines and tension. Crush a few mint leaves and squeeze the juice into the area of ​​your temples and forehead. You can also inhale her fragrance.


Mint releases from stress and has a cooling and stimulating effect. Natural mint oil can also be used to enrich the bath.

Fresh breath

Fresh peppermint is also the best mouthwash. It protects the oral cavity and its own bleaching effect.

It is a safer alternative to pharmaceutical products.

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