Winter does not want summer fun, but we can still afford it. We mean swimming. And let’s have it quite regularly. There are plenty of swimming pools and water parks in the Czech Republic, make use of it. So, swim in the swimsuit and go for it.

Why to swim?

If you know some swimming styles correctly, then swimming is the most ideal form of movement because it evenly loads all muscle groups. And, importantly, overweight people can also use it without risking their joints, spine, ligaments. And not only they, swimming is healthy for children, pregnant women, the disabled or the elderly.


– Involves all muscle groups

– increases lung capacity

– improves fitness

– relaxes mentally

– Draws the character

– it is gentle on joints, hip ankles

– is a perfect sport for everyone

Beware of the technique

It’s nice that you can swim several styles, but only if you do them correctly, without errors. Technique is very important if you swim with mistakes, you will overload the cervical and lumbar spine, and that’s wrong.

So do not head your head upright with asymmetrical breast and leg movements. These are the worst mistakes you can make during swimming.

The crawler is very good, he will reveal the errors right away, because if you swim him wrong, you will not get far. The breast and the character are more insidious, some of you “tolerate” mistakes. So, it’s better to ask for an expert, a swimming coach.

And you should also be able to coincide. Get in the right way and breathe into the water is inevitable.

You will help and shape

Swimming also has a major impact on your character. You lose weight and you make your figure. And who of us would not have the right footwear, right? Swim and believe that when you go out on the beach in the summer, do not leave the neighborhood cool …

And one note for ladies: Swim regularly, strengthens the bust!

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