If you are trying to gain muscle, you need enough protein and regularity in your diet. Here are snacks that will give you enough energy in the midst of eating. But what snacks do you enjoy to boost muscle growth? In addition to a classic knackebrot with ham, cheese or cheese, you can try tasty variations of snacks.
Protein smoothie

As an afternoon snack, you will always appreciate the protein smoothies that you prepare according to your own taste. The basis should be vegetable or classical milk, a little forest fruit or banana. Add to the smoothie you can also chia seeds or nuts or straight protein powders. Smoothie can be taken everywhere, it feeds you and is a great source of protein.

Smoked spread

Chickpeas is the best source of protein from legumes. Add chickpeas to your sauce, sauce or prepare soup. For snack, prepare a chick peas. Just add the chicken from the tin, add some salt, pepper, lemon and dried tomatoes.


A great source of protein is also nuts. Make different mixes of nuts and dried fruits at home and prepare them in small bags or boxes and wear them everywhere. Whenever you’re hungry, you just take out a bag and a full-fat travel protein snack is in the world.

Chia pudink

Chia seeds came to us from South America and they loved them all supporters of healthy eating. Chia seeds can be added to smoothie or oatmeal, but full of energy and protein is chia custard. Its preparation is very easy. Prepare chia custard into a lockable glass so you can take it all around you. To prepare chia pudinku you will need milk, preferably vegetable, but you can also use the classic. Add 200 ml of milk to about 4 tablespoons of chia seeds and mix. Put in the refrigerator and mix at least once. Allow the seeds to swell overnight. In the morning, add fresh fruit to chi pudding or cook some frozen fruit in a little sugar and water and pour chia pudding and a delicious snack in the world.

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