For this exotic ornamental tree, the name of the cicicum was given here. Although it comes from areas between the mild and subtropical zones, it can withstand frost well below -20 ° C. China has grown it for four thousand years, and until recently has been the most widely used fruit tree.

There grows fruit around it between plum and cherry. They are reminiscent of sweet crunchy apples in a ripe state. Chinese dates are said to be due to the fact that after a few weeks of storage, fermentation is taking place and the flavor changes to date. They are suitable for drying and can last for a whole year. The benefit is the content of many valuable substances and vitamins.

Cultivation of the Jujub

The tree of the Jujub is unpretentious and grows on dry and poorly fertile soils. Growers are rewarded by early and rich procreation. It requires warmth, but nowadays the varieties that are adapted to the less favorable conditions have been bred. The ideal location is the protected southern and sunny position, probably just like for wine. It can also be grown in an unheated greenhouse or in the conservatory. Outside without any problems, the twenty-degree frosts will stand.

Use of fruits

Vitamin C is also high in vitamin C, but it also has a lot of B vitamins, carotene, natural sugar and minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, zinc, manganese, copper cobalt and iodine.

The fruits can be processed into compotes, floats, jellies or marinades. Fresh taste well on cakes or biscuits. For healthy winter fogging, they can dry as well as cross the apples. Fruits can also be frozen and used in the winter for the production of sweet dishes.

Healing effects

The fruit of the jujube can be used as a preventive or direct treatment for a variety of ailments. For example, they are recommended for cough, insomnia, neurosis or rheumatic pain. They are also good for digestion, blood cleansing, lowering blood pressure, alleviating the pains of the liver, kidneys and urinary tract.

Seeds that are good for insomnia and overall weakness, heart pounding, hypertension, excessive sweating, nervous soothing, and strengthening of the bones and tendons are also useful.

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