Breakfast is the basis of our day. Because the whole night, which sometimes is really long, we do not eat anything, our body is morning starved and often dehydrated. Can you imagine that you would go to work without breakfast? It really is not healthy for your body. Treat yourself to a healthy breakfast every day. In today’s article we will tell you what it should look like.

Breakfast and weight loss

Breakfast is very beneficial to the overall health of your body, but also promotes proper weight loss. Thanks to your morning snack, plus healthy, you effectively start your metabolism. For weight loss, you should also eat several times a day in smaller doses, so breakfast is the first meal that starts this regularity.

What should it contain?

A healthy breakfast should contain approximately 20% of the total daily energy intake. There would be no whole-grain cereals, whether in the form of pastries, pastes or flakes, you can also bet on gluten-free products, or protein. For example, white yoghurt, kefir, milk, cheese or curd, such as dairy products such as eggs, lean ham, vegetable or leguminous spread, etc. In a healthy balanced breakfast you should not miss a source of quality fats, which will take care of nuts, butter or avocados . Do not underestimate the supply of fruit and vegetables and, last but not least, enough fluids. Try to avoid drinking coffee and take tea or clean water instead.

How should a healthy breakfast look like?

What to avoid!
For breakfast, do not cook fat sausages, sausages, sausages, pates, etc., also avoid fried foods such as pancakes or eggs. Eat your egg cooked or mixed with a reasonable amount of fat. Your body also does not start creamy yoghurt, sweet pastry of white flour and breakfast cereals with inappropriate composition. Be careful to select high-quality raw materials, preferably unprocessed industrially, such as homemade bread, home-made vegetable spread and fruit.

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