PraanTEA plays an important role in health maintenance while providing the perfect experience of tea drinking. The community of distributors is growing continuously hence the product is more and more well-known in the country. Why is it worth joining the distributors of PraanTEA?

Premium quality as well as unique and inimitable

As all around the world, tea consumption is becoming more and more popular in our country. It is due to the taste value and its effects on the human body. PraanTEA is exceptional in both aspects. It plays an important role in health maintenance while providing the special experience of tea drinking. It is of premium quality as well as unique and inimitable. It contains solely GMO-free produced gluten free and natural ingredients. Moreover, it is free from additives and aromas. PraanTEA blends unite the organoleptic and health maintaining effects. They strengthen the vitality of the human body and are beneficial to the nervous system as well as supporting the healthy functioning of the veins.

These blends contain black and green teas, innovatively produced dried fruits and honey and yoghurt powders. The collection consists of eight blends which are: : darjeeling tea with rose-hip honey powder and dried pineapple pieces, darjeeling tea with sea buckthorn berry honey powder and dried mango pieces, darjeeling tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried peach pieces, oolong tea with algae honey powder, oolong tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried raspberry pieces, sencha green tea with algae honey powder, sencha green tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried strawberry pieces, sencha green tea with honey powder and plum pieces. Thanks to the wide variety, you can easily find your favourite.

Why is it worth joining the distributors of PraanTEA?

There is a high demand for quality teas providing both special taste experience and health maintaining effects throughout the world and in Hungary as well. There are more and more people in Hungary who regularly consume tea. In Hungary, eight out of ten families drink tea on a regular basis. In addition, healthy lifestyle is getting more and more attention day by day. A product like PraanTEA satisfies consumers regarding both aspects. Besides providing health protecting effects, it guarantees the perfect tea drinking experience. The health protecting effects of PraanTEA, which has been produced with passion and expertise, are verified by laboratory measuring. The exceptionally quality products are sold in special metal boxes and uniquely packed, aroma sealing bags and are perfect for both personal use and as a gift.

Due to the lack of international expertise, other Hungarian or European manufacturers are not likely to be able to produce concurrent products of PraanTEA. Our brand can be found in more and more shops nationwide. There is a rising demand for the brand since it has a unique and special tea blend repertoire which are now accessible to distributors. Thanks to their uniqueness and exceptional quality, these products are easily marketable. They satisfy the needs of those who are keen on healthy lifestyle as well as of tea lovers. PraanTEA offers reasonable prices and conditions to its partners. The collaboration is characterized by flexibility and reliability. The aim is to establish long term cooperation. The easy marketability is guaranteed by the marketing activities of PraanTEA as well. The distributor community of PraanTEA is continuously growing so it is not worth missing this beneficial business opportunity. It is a perfect opportunity for those who want to increase their product diversity with the products of a popular brand or who would like sell tea blends providing special taste and health enhancing effects which come from reliable sources.

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