Diet, the issue of a large number of people who see a way to lose weight quickly and quickly without having to give energy to exercise. We do not say that some of them do not work, but they are never good for your body, and they usually end in the same way, which is a jojo effect in which the weight is restored back to the beginning of the diet. The latest dietary trend is now a protein diet or a keto diet.

Diet is, unfortunately, a big business because people want to look good, and as fast as possible and most efficiently. Unfortunately, there are those who like to use it and promise literally miracles while they wait. But this never worked and would not work. Even the keto diet promises huge results within a few weeks.

This diet builds on a huge amount of protein intake at the expense of carbohydrates and fats. This means that you literally flood your body with protein and then deplete it so much that you make it take energy from your own. The problem, however, is that the primary objective of these supplies is muscle. But muscle will protect a lot of protein, so the body will focus on fats. This state is called ketosis, which is favorable for the body on the one hand by pumping fats, on the other hand it can be very dangerous.

The problem is that, besides fat, the body has a huge water consumption, which is extremely stressful on the kidneys, while weight loss is not only fat, but just in the water, which means that these miraculous results are not just fat. Another problem is the financial difficulty, especially when you decide to give in to the various companies that are sending you protein instant delicacies, which are extremely expensive. And when consuming them, you are more likely to suffer. And in weight loss, one should not suffer, so go for a good and proven route that is on the long track, but it is definitely the best and healthiest.

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