Would you like to support your health and play active sports? Not everyone has enough time to go to the gym. You can also train at home, but you may be missing a trainer to guide you, train you, and plan your diet. At present, you can take good care of your health from home, thanks to the Fitathome.com platform.

What does the platform offer?

The fit at home platform is for anyone who wants to be fit. With it, you can take online sports lessons. Watch the coach on the monitor or on the TV and train according to his instructions. You can easily choose a workout from your favorite trainer. There are more than 1000 trainings that you can take part in. The trainings are divided into different categories, so you can decide for yourself what you will train. The trainings are led by various coaches. For example, you can train your buttocks and legs with Alain Hulspas, lose weight with Yalmard Kusten or practice pregnancy training with Wendy Vincenten. You can also choose workouts that focus on a specific area of ​​the body. You can exercise your back, improve your condition or strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Do you want to lose weight?

Get a quality home workout for building muscle and losing weight. The website is also suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight effectively. You can choose a complete package that consists of weight loss. You will achieve optimal results because you will receive weekly training plans and tips to help you reach your goal. The portal will also advise you on proper nutrition. There is a food guide where you will find delicious recipes that are healthy. You will also receive a nutrition plan and two glasses of weight balancing supplements to help you reach your goal in just eight weeks.
You can choose training prices from various packages. On the web, everyone chooses the trainings that are most suitable for them. If you like the platform, you can buy a half-yearly or annual subscription. Visit the website and discover all the possibilities it offers you. Finally, you can train at home under the guidance of experienced trainers. You will reach your dream character in a short time and you will feel much better.

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