Fish and seafood are among the best quality foods. Unfortunately, statistics still prove that Czechs do not like fish or sea creatures, and that’s a mistake. We bring a lot of healthy substances that help our body with some types of illness.

Healthy fish

These bad statistics may be especially the fact that we are not a coastal nation, who always have the fish in their diet always in the first place. However, if you think about it, we can certainly say that we are a fishpond nation and a great number of people are taking care of us. Even though there is a fishermen in every town, the fish do not eat much, not even the freshwater. This is a great source of protein and iodine, which prevents some types of disease.

Do not worry about seafood

Even though seafood at first sight may seem like evil killer monsters, from which nothing good can come, the opposite is true. Seafood is a great source of calcium and protein. If you want to taste the seafood, do not be discouraged by the moment when one species will not taste you. Each of them tastes completely different and so we can not compare the taste of octopus, crab and shrimp in any way. Learn to use seafood in a variety of recipes by mixing them with rice or pasta. Bring your meal to them and discover a new way to eat.

We know that in our stores you buy seafood quite a bit, but it is a food you do not have to eat every day, and once a week you can indulge it with no problem. Discover new things not only in sports and fitness, but also in your kitchen

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