Beautiful, long and healthy lashes make your eyes more appealing. But not all are endowed with dense algae. To get beautiful kelp, a healthy diet is necessary, but you can also try out nutrition. Here are some natural tips.

Before going to bed, do not forget to remove it

For proper eyelash growth, it is very important to remove makeup everyday. It contains chemicals that can stop algae growth. So always make sure you remove all remnants of your mascara before bedtime. When mending, be fine to not damage your eyelashes. Use a small amount of olive oil to remove even the most durable make-up, but also nourish and regenerate algae.


Applying pure grease to the eyelashes every night can accelerate their growth and strengthen them. This is the cheapest way to get beautiful kelp. Just apply the algae grease and let it work overnight.

Green tea

Dive one bag of unsweetened organic green tea into hot water, allow 10 minutes to leaven and then let the tea cool down. Soak the cotton swab into the leach and apply it to the eyelashes (keep your eyes closed). Let it work as long as possible and then rinse with cold water. Green tea will promote the growth of your lashes and their health. 1 tablespoon of green tea mixed with 2 tablespoons of olive oil has the same effect.


Ricin or olive oil is great for algae growth. Apply the oil to the eyelashes and let it work overnight. You can also pour the oil into the old washed-out mascara tube and use the brush every evening to apply the algae. Do not forget to remove the oil the next morning.

Eye Massage

Eyelid massage promotes blood circulation, which affects growth, but also the strength and health of the eyelashes. Massage the lids every day for about 10 minutes for longer and stronger lashes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E supplementation can, in addition to algae, also promote hair growth and soothe irritated scalp. Vitamin E strengthens your eyelashes and prevents their damage. Using a brush or old mascara, apply it directly to your eyelashes. Tablets of this vitamin are also readily available on the market.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera Gel is another simple way to get longer and thicker lashes. Add 2 drops of jojoba oil to the aloe vera gel and stir. Apply to the lashes and let them act as long as possible.

Instead of commercial algae growth products, you can try out the above resources to get a dense and healthier algae naturally.

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