Medulla medica is a perennial herb coming from the Mediterranean. In our country, the Cifra variety is mainly grown in the gardens. The fact that lilies are an effective means of suppressing nervous tension and anxiety was known in antiquity.

The reason is the content of substances such as essential oils and triterpenic acids. We know the melon as a suitable herb, which is used in the form of tea or as a powder in the pillow for insomnia. The extract from the medulla acts sedative, or causes a feeling of sleep, malaise and fatigue. At the same time, however, it also affects hypersensitivity and nervous disorders. Bubble also acts against viruses, bacteria, cramps, pain and relieves flatulence.

What is used in the meadows

Above all, its leaves and top shoots shriveled just before or immediately after flowering. It can be used both fresh and dried in the shade. Still more, volatile oils are preserved by freezing than drying.

How and why use the lute

If you use meadows for pain, nervous disorders, sleeping problems, spasms, headaches and teeth, it will soon show its positive effects. In addition, its extract promotes digestion and appetite and is good for abdominal pain and flatulence. It can also be treated with cold sores or colds, as it promotes sweating. It is also suitable for tumors, to relieve pain and burn after insect bites, to stomach pain, vomiting and to lower blood pressure.

Meducius soothes and you do not have to worry about overdoses or other side effects. Exceptionally, it may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If someone uses damping drugs, their effects may be increased.

How many lemons should be used depends on the individual and the extent of his problems. When insomnia, flatulence and abdominal pain are enough to drink one cup of cup of tea a day several times a day. Tea is prepared by pouring 2-4 grams of leaves with 150 milliliters of hot water and then left for 10 minutes to leaven.

Medulette is a natural remedy against anxiety

For anxiety and stress, it is better to prefer natural remedies to medication. Medulette medulla is one of the most effective, but that is why it is necessary to treat it with caution and starting with smaller doses. It is often used in combination with hops, chamomile and medical goat.

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