Who does not want his body to work “as if he is a young person”, even though years are growing. We’re included with lots of information on how to maintain health, vitality, youthful looks. Various vitamin and other nutritional supplements, cosmetics, massages.

Let’s say today about a means that does not ruin our wallet, is easily accessible and its use is variable. His miraculous effects have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries. Abroad is commonly used, and we are talking about it. In the sanctuary he is called “The Golden Goddess”, the official name is. turmeric.

Where the turmeric took

Turmeric is a plant that is related to ginger. It originates from southern Asian forests and its targeted cultivation has rapidly spread. China, India, Sri Lanka, Peru, Jamaica, use everywhere the effects of this spice. The most famous is turmeric in the form of yellow powder, which is already the final process of processing, when the turmeric rhizomes are boiled, drying for several hours and then being mad. The most important part of turmeric is turmeric. This, among other things, contains vitamins B, C and E and, above all, antioxidants, elements that slow aging. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. Detoxises the body, improves liver function. It supports digestion and metabolism.

No, that’s not all. Turmeric cholesterol reduces cholesterol, protects the heart and blood vessels, prevents cancer, the antioxidants just mentioned have the ability to bind free radicals, and they are, in a simplified way, the starting element in cancer cells. According to the latest research, turmeric is a “little miracle.”

Use of turmeric

So how to use the “Golden Goddess”? The most common and simplest is its use in the kitchen. Spice is an integral part of Indian, Vietnamese, Thai cuisine. But we do not have to look for recipes for Indian meals or other exotic foods. I add the turmeric to the oyster soup soup or even to the ordinary potato pancake. The soup gets a slightly exotic flavor, and when you do not get it, kids eat it without noticing something. Spice the meat mixture with roast chicken. The fantasies are not bound. Just be careful, the powder has strong dyeing effects, and if you accidentally spill out on the kitchen line, it will bleach it much faster than you can then wash the paint.

Recipe for healthy “cocktail”

To “start up” your metabolism, I have this recipe tried: mix turmeric with cayenne pepper and cinnamon and stir in lemon juice or juice. Every time I drink this cocktail in the morning, my digestion is full of revolutions. No bloating, feelings of difficulty, metabolism works like a power plant – flawless and flawless. But be careful – do not overdo it – just a quarter of a teaspoon into a larger glass, otherwise you do not start metabolism, but you burn your throat. I also recommend that you keep the mixture in a safe place so that your loved ones, like my husband, do not sprinkle pancakes on the assumption that it is cinnamon.

A recipe from Ayurvedic medicine

The soothing and relaxing effects of the recipe come from Ayurvedic medicine. Add two cups of milk to the boil, add a teaspoon of turmeric and mix. Nechtee a little cool and add a spoon of cinnamon, coconut oil, honey, a pinch of ginger and want to pepper. Ideal is to drink your drink before bedtime, candlelight and pleasant music. And then fall asleep and let the body produce antiseptic and antibacterial substances that will greatly help in the regeneration of our internal organs. And as we know, the state of our internal organs is reflected in the state of our skin and our psyche.

If you do not like milk, similar effects can be achieved with turmeric tea. You can drink in the morning and in the evening, with ingredients similar to milk. But again, the fantasy of the limit will not be – you can add lemon, orange, according to your taste.

Outdoor use of turmeric

Curcuma can also be used “from outside.” Here, too, its antiseptic – cleansing effects will appear. Skin masks for acne and unclean skin (or small jizyy) of curcuma, cinnamon and gel

aloe vera are proven and helpful. Use mascara from curcuma and lemon or lime juice to shine and brighten your skin. And to wrinkle the wrinkles, keep youthful skin to apply buttermilk mixed with yellow powder.

A pearl – turmeric with soda or kieselguhr whitening teeth.

For those who really have no time and do not want to mix, mix and season, I have a good message. Turkeys can also be taken as tablets or other nutritional supplements.

It also produces turmeric bio oil, which is special and nourishes dry skin, you can use it for whole body and bath.

Like everything else in the world, curcuma use the other side of the coin. Long-term regular use of turmeric could also damage us. Careful should be especially those who have problems with the gallbladder, blood clotting, treat with diabetes, have hormonal problems and, of course, pregnant women.

“Everything with peace,” my grandmother said, and it also applies to the use of turmeric.

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