Exercise and diet, these are two totally inseparable Elements in your pursuit of a better figure. If you decide to practice, it must necessarily hold the right diet, otherwise the results will not be visible at all. We present today a demonstration of how you can access your diet if you want to live as healthy as possible.

In this way, there is palliative care, a diet that takes into account our genetics and returns us back a few thousand years back to our roots. This diet is trying to make our body cleaner and healthiest.

As you know, modern foods contain a huge amount of chemicals, sugars, fats and substitutes that do not benefit our body twice. This is evidenced by biological, ophthalmological and dermatological investigations that clearly show that our body suffers from the ingestion of these foods, ages more rapidly and is prone to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, infertility, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility.

Paleo diet then represents the most basic of what we can as a person from a biological perspective eat. It is a diet that has never undergone any industrial processing. The word paleo is based on the word paleolith, one prehistoric period. This is to remind us that in the Palaeolithic, people ate only the food they had provided themselves and survived. And this diet represents for our organism the most basic and purest of what we can accept. The body with the intake of this type of food cleans and cleans up only the substances that are beneficial to it.

And what should we avoid and what, on the contrary, accept? The basis is to avoid dairy products, cereals, industrially processed food for sugars, alcohol, legumes and starch. On the contrary, we should accept fruits, vegetables, lean meat, nuts and seeds, seafood and healthy fats.

So if you want to change your physical condition or heal one of the diseases, try palo diet. You will see for yourself that you will be full of energy and joy.

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