Not only for women but also men is smooth, elastic skin, without wrinkles and acne with a sign of health and youth, it is without discussion. We’re getting older, and most of us do our best to get the “skin like a peach” in the thirties. We tan, smoke, drink alcohol, eat poorly, stay short in fresh air. We slept a little. We are stressing. All of these are well-known factors that affect the health and appearance of our skin. But let’s look at what the condition of our skin tells us somewhat from another angle.

Functions of the skin

Skin is actually the largest “organ” of our body. It has, of course, a protective function, but it has a very intensive function of breathing and excretion. By the breathing of the skin, we exclude toxic substances. What is less well known is that some skin cells produce neurotransmitters that carry impulses from the nerve to the nerve. Individual areas of the skin are linked through the spinal cord with various body organs – eg heart, liver, stomach, intestines. It borders us from our surroundings, but at the same time through it we have physical contact with the world, thus fulfilling the function of sense.

Disease manifestations

As we can see, our skin really has a lot of “work to do”. If toxic substances that are excreted in the skin accumulate in our body, skin diseases can occur. Of course, there are external influences: UV radiation, toxic fumes, which, although inadvertently, come in contact, bacteria, parasites.

It is also logical that the illness of the above-mentioned internal organs may also appear on the surface of our skin.


And because the skin is formed from the germinal leaf, from which the nerve cells also arise, it is proved that even the violent movements of the mind, that is our emotions, can manifest themselves on the state of our skin. I have a personal experience. When I lived in long-term stress, a rash appeared on my chin that sensitively responded to my emotional state. If the stress was worse, the rash was called “it started,” when I was quieter, and the rash calmed down. Yes, the ointment from the skin physician has suppressed her symptoms, but the rash has completely receded when my stressful situation after two years has resolved. I note that I have never treated any skin diseases before.

It is simply an indisputable fact that the manifestations of psyche, emotional states are reflected on our skin, our body.

Allergic skin reactions

Allergy is a disproportionate, excessive response to the immune system. If you do not know anywhere in your neighborhood, no one who suffers from any allergies is probably an alien. I would say I do not know anyone who, or anyone close to him, has any allergies. Rash, eczema, asthma, hay fever, inflammatory skin on the skin, and various other immune disorders. Choose. Not only I – and I have no doubt that you, too, have noticed the impact of psychic on allergic symptoms. Allegedly, there are allergists who have fallen into unconsciousness and then have ceased to suffer from their allergy. Not all of us fall into unconsciousness and have to heal. And that’s what I mean primarily from the inside – inside your head, or if you want, the soul. So let’s take a quick look at where the root cause of our psychosomatic problems might be.

Allergy to the grass signifies fear of loving others. Allergy in the intestines means difficulty with the ability to accept the surrounding world, hair allergies can mean fear of animal, sexuality, dust allergy fear of something dirty. And mostly allergic skin manifestations that are not associated with internal organ disorders indicate a deficit with symptoms of tenderness, fear of contact.

What with this?
I do not think Grandpa is aware of that either. It is a matter that is so broad and complex and diverse that it can not even be found in a book that by the way exists enough and it is worthwhile to read it.

So perhaps only briefly and utterly unprofessional: Live healthy and show our love. I believe this will also affect our skin.

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