Unfortunately, we do not see the concept of psycho-hygiene too often. These are so-called mental hygiene, doctrine or a set of rules that help us to protect and strengthen mental health. They are a way to increase human’s resistance to external influences. In addition, the psychohygienic rules are very important in today’s world because we are in a hurry, stress and, as a result, in the development of civilization diseases. How to go about mental health care? What are the rules of psychohygieny?

Why is psycho-hygiene important?

Today we live in endless hustle and bustle, work, buying, cooking, duty, arranging when our head goes around. Society demands high demands on us, and we want to manage our work and family life well and we often forget about ourselves and our health. We do not mean just the bodily and mental health that go hand in hand.

Rules of mental hygiene

To take care of your mental health preventively, you must take care of a sufficient supply of sleep. It can help you sleep and get up at the same time. Think about having a healthy and balanced diet, not eating and taking care of the variety of diet. The basis of mental health is also a regular movement that keeps you fit and improves your mood. You have to learn how to manage your time, so spend time working, but also relaxing. This is related to relaxation and self-regulation exercises. Think of it is important to have your free time, which you will devote to yourself, whether active or passive relaxation.

It is prevention:

If you care about your physical and mental health, you are preventively protected from psychosomatic and mental illness. Your performance is still in good hands and you can concentrate well. The effect of mental health is undoubtedly on your relationships with other people. A balanced person acts in his surroundings certainly different than a person tired, burnt and unbalanced. Finally, you are also happy with yourself, taking care of your healthy self-esteem and being happier. Think of mental hygiene and take care of your psyche every day.

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