The first and most important advice to achieve faster hair growth is to maintain a varied diet with enough protein and vitamins that are the most important for hair – Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Another helper can be home bark and treatments that will also help you grow manes. Try the following tips:


Hair brushing stimulates the flow of blood into the scalp and distributes more evenly the nutrients in your hair. Fine hair brushing twice a day for at least two minutes stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and spreads natural oils evenly throughout the hair.


Regular head massage and hot oil treatment is done weekly, not only when you want to return the hair to original softness and shine, but also to promote faster growth. Massage of the scalp stimulates hair follicles and helps to regrow hair growth.

By circular motion, massage the skin regularly. Once a week, treat your hair with hair oils.

Castor oil is best considered, but because it is very heavy, it is better to mix it with another, such as coconut, for higher gloss and fineness.

To mask hair growth, mix both oils in a 1: 1 bowl. Lightly heat and apply the entire length from roots to ends. Sharpen your hair with a broad teeth to allow oil to reach all places. Then gently massage your fingertips to the scalp for 5-10 minutes. Engage your hair and cover it with an hour or two bath cap or plastic. Then wash with shampoo as usual. If your hair is very thin, it is good to keep the mask overnight.


Before you go out of the shower, rinse your hair with cold water. This helps to close the hair cuticle to prevent subsequent loss of moisture and heat damage. If you use too hot water while washing, it may be one of the reasons your hair is weak and lifeless.

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