Brain. The most complex organ of our body. The control center of our physical and mental being. Often, we feel tired, exhausted, and say, “He shuts off my brain,” and we really do not think he’s been thinking about it anymore. All living beings, perhaps besides protozoa, know well that sleep is the most important thing for brain activity.

But even if we sleep well, it is often in our hectic time, when an avalanche of wanted and unwanted information literally rolls on us, the tasks we must think of, is hard enough to keep the brain on alert. What, in addition to sleep, the proper and effective functioning of the brain? How to protect it from harmful influences or diseases? It’s quite simple. Just choose the right meal for your brain.

Food for the brain

Which foods support brain activity? Do not worry, I will not write about foreign recipes with mysterious ingredients whose purchasing decimals our weekly financial budget. The first food that starts our brain costs a few crowns.

They are oat flakes. These contain vitamins B1 and B6 and pantothenic acid that have a positive effect on the psyche and help to eliminate fatigue. They also contain tyroxine, which is a life-buoyant and essential element for the production of dopamine, a hormone that produces pleasant emotions and attunements.

Adding to the oatmeal even the blueberries that you collected during the summer holidays will save you a family budget again, and you will be pleased with your brain twice as the blue balls are filled with antioxidants that gather in the brain and, after a short session, will improve communication between the brain cells. And because they also improve short-term memory, take them straight in the woods and you will not forget where you came.

Do not forget the nuts

In the morning snack, take a couple of nuts that you took out during long autumn nights watching TV series and whose shells are under the couch while painting in the spring of the following year. But bad. Walnuts most support brain activity, and ordinary peanuts are packed with Group B vitamins and acid foliage, which is essential for brain development. So if you have a pregnant woman in the family, put her in a bag of peanuts. You will increase her chance of giving birth to a small genius.

Have lunch with fish

Truth, salmon or tuna is nothing cheap, but treat it once in a while. You can replace it with a cheaper variant of sardines or mackerel. Even the fish spread fulfills its purpose and delivers the brain omega fatty acids, which make our brain better able to absorb information, learn. The lack of these omega acids is also a link with the occurrence of depression. So exaggerated – eat fish and save for antidepressants.

Definitely chocolate

If you are nervous, tired in the afternoon, give yourself a banana or a dark chocolate. Bananas give you energy thanks to carbohydrates and, due to its high potassium content, it eliminates nervousness and improves the ability to concentrate and logical thinking.

Cocoa contained in dark chocolate will improve your brain concentration and performance so that even windows on your computer will not be enough for you. Phenylethylamine, serotonin and endorphin hormones of good mood, happiness and love contained in cocoa will cause even poisonous clients behind the counter to serve with a smile.

What else?

Other brain stimulators include pumpkin seeds that have a supply of zinc, magnesium and omega fatty acids. Also, sunflower seeds improve our memory and our taste for learning. I recommend seeds to crunch during the study.

We in the life stage, when we no longer have to prepare for the exam and we fear the forgetfulness and aging of the brain, we brew the eggs and we do not share the egg yolks with anyone. Vitamin contained in them called choline forms new cell membranes and supposedly helps to delay the mentioned manifestations of sclerosis. Also, the liver is a rich source of choline and therefore prevention of questions: “What did I want?” “And” Where did I put it? ”

Brain activity also positively affects olive oil, broccoli, avocado, garlic, high vitamin C fruit – lemons, kiwi, oranges.

Genuine roasted coffee stimulates the brain to better performance, improves memory, and prevents stroke. According to a recent study by Finnish scientists, Alzheimer’s disease is reduced.

Feed your brain at any age

Do not be discouraged by your physical and mental development being long overdue. Brain cells have the ability to regenerate and regenerate. So, we can, by brainfood, influence our genetic assumptions and amaze our surroundings with our sharp judgment and sparkling intellect even at an advanced age.

And before bedtime, squeeze the right antioxidant bomb full of pectins that protect our brain from free radicals – a common apple! As my grandmother said, “An apple before bedtime – the illness is going to blow.”

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