still have yet to see a balding mexican Tips For Healthy Hair

still have yet to see a balding mexican  Tips For Healthy Hair

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still have yet to see a balding mexican

They do not exist. They simply don’t exist. I’ve seen balding asians, balding native americans, balding spaniards, every other race known for good hair..but NEVER have i ever seen a mexican with thinning hair or a receding hairline. They all have the same exact thick black hair texture as well. And there are massive amounts of illegals where I live who work here.

And this guy is a reporter, someone who’s supposed to have rich hair

I go to Mexico a lot…I agree to a point.

I would instead say that I’ve never seen a younger guy with thinning hair. I can count the ones with thinning hair younger than 40 with one hand. Most with thinning hair look 50+. Most guys have super thick hair easily into their 30s.

i doubt an ethnicity has evolutionarily weeded out the mpb gene. Mexican is a mix of mongoloid and Caucasian races. I work w/ a bald mexican. My guess is dark hair, dark skin makes it harder to spot.

90% of the Hispanics I see have awesome hair.

the op is an idiot,obviously you dont live on the west coast/south west

im in southern california and theres quite a few,i personally know a few who are larry david bald

go cry some more.."wahhhhhhhhhh its not fair" stfu

I’m going to have to agree more with the OP. I’ve just noticed that hispanics in general seem to have better hair overall.

Mexican men have MPB , I used to travle to mexico, at leats once a year, and I saw plenty of bald mexicans, as far as your comment that every other race exhibits MPB, well that is true, with one exception, pure blood Native Americans, are the only race that did not experiance MPB, this is a scientific fact that has been observed and documented.

well native americans evolved from asians, and at one time had the mpb gene. i guess they needed their hair for survival and not aesthetics, and soon only hairies existed. "native american" is not a race.

I find it funny. I started thinning at 16 and shaved my head by 21. The only difference I notice is in the people that have more indian blood in them. They have the thickest hair ever. You gotta understand, mexican people are a mix of different races.

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