Apple Picking Tips

Apple Picking Tips

One of the most popular Fall activities is apple picking. You go with friends and family to a local apple orchard and come home with bags of apples. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the apples right at the orchard? A nice Fall afternoon picnic. Here’s how you can do it.

Pack your car with everything you will need. A foldable table and chairs or blanket to lay on the ground, a cooler filled with juice and water, a bag of mixed greens to make a salad and knives to slice your apples.

When you go apple picking, you want to select firm, bruise-free apples. The color of apples vary so the best way to make sure they are ripe is by seeing if they are crisp and firm. The farmer at the apple orchard can tell you how to best pick their specific apples. To help apples last longer, try picking them with the stem still attached. If the apples fall to the ground, it’s okay to still take them as long as they are not bruised.

For kids, it’s easiest to pick apples off dwarf trees because they are lower to the ground. Apple picking is a great activity to teach your kids about the health benefits of apples. This is one family outing your kids will love.

Here are some of the don’ts of apple picking. Do not throw the apples into your basket. They can bruise. Do not wash apples until you are about to eat them. This prevents spoilage. Do not leave apples to hot temperatures.

However, DO enjoy an apple inspired picnic right at the orchard. Many orchards have enough space and allow guests to have a picnic right there with their fresh apples. Eating apples when they are freshly picked off the tree is very healthy. This is when the apple has the most nutritional value.

Make the most of your apple-picking event. Bring the kids, go with good friends, and spend the day at your favorite apple orchard.