Do you have Candida ? What is it? What are the three steps to eliminating it?

Do you have Candida ? What is it? What are the three steps to eliminating it?

What is it? It is a yeast. Candida Albicans is well-known yeast. It is one of over 80 species. They are parasites. They live off our food. They even make us crave sugar, yeast breads and alcohol to help them thrive. This yeast lives in all of our digestive systems and kept in check pose no health problems to us. The problem comes if our immune system become weak the will multiply and become systemic. We must maintain or restore a healthy GI tract. If you have taken antibiotics, birth control pills, cortisone drugs and /or you have mercury (silver) fillings in your mouth you may have Candida. All of these kills off our good bacteria and sets up a wrong environment in our digestive system. A change in our intestinal PH can also cause use to develop this nightmare of a disease. I believe alkalizing is the first step to restoring good health. I can tell you this was true for me. I used coral calcium mineral water to restore my PH. Then my body started purging the bad material out. I then added herbs and garlic to my diet. Now I’m building with good bacteria. I have read we can pass it to our offspring. I have found this to be true with the delivery of my son 14 years ago. They get the candida when they pass through the birth canal. I can also be passed through sexual contact. This seems to cause an infection everywhere it goes. I had an infection in the bladder often which is common. I also, have constant gum, sinus, ear infections. I periodically had vaginal infections. There is a blood test for Candida but it is difficult to diagnose. The blood test can give a false reading. You can’t go by the symptoms because they are so many. You might have many or just a few. There are also stages of mild to severe Candida. I took the written test at a natural health clinic and I was off the scale. They say this parasite has many faces. Disorders connected with it are chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes,MS a many more. Most of these problems are caused when undigested food particles penetrate the wall and enter the bloodstream. The body views these food particles as foreign invaders and produces antibodies to fight them. This can cause food allergies or sensitivities and lead to autoimmune disease of which there are 80 know autoimmune diseases. Read what the University of Sunderland wrote about “What is a Leaky Gut Syndrome?

So what are your symptoms? What have you been diagnosed to have? Could you have Candida? Change your diet, eliminating sugar including fruit for one month. Add back fruit very slow. Leave off citrus for a while and don’t add back melons till later. Eliminate yeast products for 6 months and leave off the alcohol. Start alkalizing with coral calcium mineral water and then cleanse with herbs and garlic and then build with good bacteria. Use silver-Max micro-nutrient. It kills parasites.See the link below. You will go through what is known as die-off if you have Candida. It will feel like you have the flu. You should then start to feel better after about six months or so. There is no easy way to rid your body of these bad guys.

I want to share some of the symptoms I had with you.Craving sugar,bloating and gas,blurred vision,Chemical sensitivity,depression,cravings,bad breath,insomnia,brain fog,Bladder infections,food allergies,Vaginal yeast infection,Joint and muscle pain and Panic attacks.

Also I lost down to 90 pounds and was eating baby food at one point in my long illness. My heart and breathing stopped from a lack of minerals. I couldn’t absorb much of anything because I was so acid. If I could have alkalized earlier I feel I wouldn’t have suffer so much and so long. Look at the pictures below of when I was so sick and Now. I''m up to 116 pounds.

Educate yourself on this subject. After my experience if I can help one person not go through what I went through it will be worth sharing my testimonial with the world. I believe keeping it as simple as possible and addressing the problem head on is the answer. We know that if our intestinal PH gets out of balance this sets up a wrong environment. Taking the coral calcium mineral water solves this problem. Then taking herbs, garlic and the silver-max kills the parasites. Then we need to rebuild good bacteria in the digestive system. STEP 1-2-3

To learn more about PH or yeast infections that can turn into Candida click on the links below. Look at the picture of Candida below. These are parasites living inside you if you have this disorder. Other links below will teach you about alkalizing the first step to restore health and set up an environment that Candida can''t thrive in. Take time to view the video. It is very short. Thank you for visiting my site. Come again.

Learn more about alkalization.


Below you see a picture of PH paper. This is used to check your PH. This info could save your life. Yellow is acid and blue is alkaline. I was acid when I started on x2o and now I''m a happy blue. Look at the picture of Cnadida below. These are parasites you can''t see with the naked eye but you will know when they become systemic. They make you have all kinds of terrible symptoms.

If you have frequent ear infections from your candida take a look at this product. Garlic and grapeseed extract kills candida.


Check out this link below on Candida Albicans.

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