Watching: Dance video compilations

Watching: Dance video compilations
Evolution of Dance
Posted by: judsonlaipply

The funniest 6 minutes you will ever see! Remember how many of these you have done!
Judson Laipply is dancing -
http://www.evolut -
for more info including song list!

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Soulja Boy Tellem - How to Crank That - INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO!
Posted by: SouljaBoy

Soulja Boy Tellem - How to Crank That - INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO!
Get the ringtone text SB6A to 30303!

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Shaq, LeBron, Dwight Howard All-Star Dance-Off
Posted by: NBA

Visit ideo for more videos like this hilarious impromptu dance contest at East Practice during 2007 All-Star Weekend.
Have a great basketball video of your own starring yourself? Check out om/group/nbapostup to find out how your best basketball move could land in our weekly Top Five for the rest of the world to see.

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Child prodigy - Dance Dance Revolution (Afronova)
Posted by: momoneko

this child is amazing. His name is Ryota, he is only 5 years old and he is an expert dancing Dance Dance Revolution!!! even better than me!! (shame on me, I''m 20 years old *sad*)
Miren a este engendro prodigio. Su nombre es Ryota, tiene 5 años y... ¡es un experto bailando Dance Dance Revolution! ¡Incluso mejor que yo! (que vergüenza... yo tengo 20 abuuu ;_;)

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Wedding Thriller Dance
Posted by: rockwoodcomic

The original! (Subscribe and you''ll know when the sequel comes out.) Our entire wedding party does the Thriller dance at our reception. You can drop us a line or ask any questions at the Rockwood http://www.rockwoodc site. We do read all of your comments here, but if you want a response you''re better off trying the comic site.

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